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  • Celebrating Rosh Hashanah with Professor Sprintzik!

    Happy Second Day of Rosh Hashanah here in 2022, from Professor Hanna Sprintzik of our Hebrew program! Professor Sprintzik says, “This Hebrew song is dedicated to all my students in all levels and ages, especially the children! It is about … Continued

  • Striding Forward at CMEIS: Dr. Yaghoobi

    We are delighted to share the article below featuring our own Dr. Claudia Yaghoobi, who was recently appointed the new director of UNC-Chapel Hill Center for Middle East and Islamic Studies (CMEIS). A guiding light in our department for our faculty … Continued

  • New Books by Dr. Pitelka!

    Morgan Pitelka, recipient of the Bernard L. Herman Distinguished Professorship, has recently published two new books! You can read about them below: Morgan Pitelka, Reiko Tanimura, and Takashi Masuda. Letters from Japan’s Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries: The Correspondence of Warlords, … Continued

  • Fulbright scholar Aadil Zeffer teaches Hindi-Urdu at UNC

    It is our pleasure to share the DTH article below on Aadil Zeffer, a visiting FLTA (foreign language teaching assistant) who is furthering our Hindi-Urdu program by teaching language classes to our students this year! — Over a cup of … Continued