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East Asia | South Asia | Middle East

The courses listed on this page are those offered by or crosslisted with the Department of Asian & Middle Eastern Studies. Only a subset of these courses would be offered in any individual semester. However, our grad students are not limited to these courses and may also consider taking many other courses in other departments that relate to their interests.

ANTH/ASIA/FOLK 429 Culture and Power in Southeast Asia
ASIA 445 Asian Religions in America
ASIA/HIST 539 The Economic History of Southeast Asia
ASIA/HIST/PWAD 570 The Vietnam War
ASIA 720 Methods and Themes in Asian and Middle Eastern History
ASIA 721 Transnational Feminisms of the Middle East and South Asia


ANTH/ASIA 545 The Politics of Culture in East Asia
ANTH/ASIA/RELI 574 Chinese World Views
ANTH/ASIA 586 The Gardens, Shrines, and Temples of Japan
ASIA 427/CMPL 527/PWAD 427 Cold War Culture in East Asia: Transnational and Intermedial Connections
ANTH/ASIA 682 Contemporary Chinese Society
ASIA 453 Global Shangri-La: Tibet in the Modern World
ASIA/ECON 469 Asian Economic Systems
ASIA/CMPL 483 Cross-Currents in East-West Literature
ASIA/RELI 487 Mountains, Pilgrimage, and Sacred Places in Japan
ASIA/RELI 488 Shinto in Japanese History
ASIA/RELI 489 Animals in Japanese Religion
ASIA 722 Asia in Motion: TransAsia and Transpacific Approaches to the Study of Asia
ASIA 730 The East Asian Anthropocene: Culture, Climate, and Colonialism in Japan and China
ASIA 731 Technologies of Imagination: Science, Cultural Production, East Asia
ASIA 740 Chinese Civilization: A Conceptual History
ASIA 741 Honglou Meng: The Story of the Stone
ASIA 742 Indigenous Ecologies in Sinophone Literature
CHIN 463 Narrative Ethics in Modern China
CHIN 464 The City in Modern Chinese Literature and Film
CHIN 551 Chinese Poetry in Translation
CHIN 552 Chinese Prose in Translation
CHIN 562 Contemporary Chinese Urban Culture and Arts
JAPN 451 Swords, Tea Bowls, and Woodblock Prints: Exploring Japanese Material Culture
JAPN 482 Embodying Japan: The Cultures of Beauty, Sports, and Medicine in Japan
JAPN/LING 563 Structure of Japanese
KOR 447/CMPL 547 Documenting Diasporas:  Korean Diasporas in Films and Documentaries

Courses taught in Chinese

CHIN 407 Readings in Modern Chinese 1
CHIN 408 Readings in Modern Chinese II
CHIN 414 Advanced Reading and Composition
CHIN 441 Chinese-English Translation and Interpreting
CHIN 443 Business Communication in Chinese
CHIN 510 Introduction to Classical Chinese
CHIN 511 Literary Chinese
CHIN 521 Chinese History in Chinese
CHIN 525 Ancient Chinese Philosophers and their Modern Reincarnation
CHIN 624 Chinese Internet Literature
CHIN 631 Writing Chinese (in) America: Advanced Studies of a Foreign Literature from United
States Homeland

Courses taught in Japanese

JAPN 401 Gateway to Mastering Japanese
JAPN 408 Japanese Journalism
JAPN 410 Topics in Contemporary Japanese Literature
JAPN 411 Food and Culture in Japan
JAPN 412 Making Music in Japan
JAPN 414 Manga as a Japanese Art and Culture
JAPN 415 Sports in Japanese Culture
JAPN 416 Understanding Japanese Business Culture and Its Practice
JAPN 417 Japanese Culture through Film & Literature
JAPN 521 Investigating Japanese Culture through TV Dramas

Courses taught in Korean

KOR 407 Modern Korean Literature and Culture
KOR 408 Changes and Continuities in Korean History
KOR 409 Korean through Current Affairs


ASIA 431 Persian Sufi Literature
ASIA/HIST 440 Gender in Indian History
ASIA 441/HIST 442 Religion, Coexistence, and Conflict in Pre-Colonial India
ASIA 453 Global Shangri-La: Tibet in the Modern World
ASIA/RELI/WGST 482 Sex, Gender, & Religion in South Asia
ASIA 522 The Beauty and the Power of the Classical Indian World
ASIA/HIST 557 Bandits, Rebels, and Storytellers: Fiction and History in India
ASIA/RELI 582 Islam and Islamic Art in South Asia
ASIA/RELI 583 Religion and Culture in Iran, 1500–Present
HNUR/RELI 592 Religious Conflict and Literature in India
ASIA 770 The Moving Imagination

Courses taught in Hindi-Urdu

HNUR 407 South Asian Society and Culture
HNUR 408 South Asian Media and Film
HNUR 409 Sex and Social Justice in South Asia
HNUR 410 Seminar on the Urdu-Hindi Ghazal
HNUR 411 Health and Medicine in South Asia


ARAB 453 Film, Nation, and Identity in the Arab World
ASIA/JWST/PWAD 425 Beyond Hostilities: Israeli-Palestinian Exchanges and Partnerships in Film, Literature, and Music
ASIA 435/CMPL 535/PWAD 435 The Cinemas of the Middle East and North Africa
ASIA/JWST 436 Language, Exile, & Homeland in Zionist Thought & Practice
ASIA/CMPL 442 Postcolonial Literature of the Middle East
ASIA/GEOG/WGST 447 Gender, Space, and Place in the Middle East
ASIA/WGST 471 Gender and Sexuality in Middle Eastern Literature
ASIA/HIST 536 Revolution in the Modern Middle East
ASIA/HIST/WGST 537 Women in the Middle East
ASIA/HIST 538 The Middle East and the West
ASIA/RELI 581 Sufism
ASIA/RELI 584 The Qur’an as Literature
ASIA 780 Minorities in the Middle East
ASIA 781 The Body and Body Politics in the Arab World
ASIA 782 Visual Culture of the Middle East
ASIA 783 Critical Postcolonial Perspectives on the Arab-Jew: Promises and Limitations
ASIA 785 Critical Genealogies of Middle East and North Africa Studies

Courses taught in Arabic

ARAB 407 Readings in Arabic I
ARAB 408 Readings in Arabic II
ARAB/ASIA/RELI 681 Readings in Islamicate Literatures