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Everyone who has some previous knowledge of a language, but is new to the program at Carolina, is required to take a placement test if you intend to take language classes.

If you only wish to satisfy the language requirement, please refer to the Global Languages website for information on all the options for how to do that.

For any other questions, see the FAQ.

The Arabic placement test has two parts; both are online and can be taken at any time. Click here for information and to take the test. Note that the test, although online, is human-graded, so the result will not be immediate.

Click here to sign up for the Chinese placement test. There will be a few remote test dates over the summer and an in-person test on August 15.

The Hebrew placement test will be offered remotely on June 30 and August 11. Sign up for one of those dates here.

The Hindi-Urdu placement test can be taken online at any time. Click here for information and to take the test.

Click here to sign up for the Japanese test. There will be two remote dates in July and an in-person test on August 15.

The Korean test has two parts, an online part you can take at any time, and then another part that will be given on Friday, August 12 from 9-11 on Zoom.  Click here for information and to take the test.

The Persian placement test will be held in person on Monday, August 15 from 6-8 pm. Sign up here. The location is currently unknown, but we’ll contact people closer to the date with that information.

Placement tests for Turkish will be given individually as needed. Sign up here and a professor will contact you to schedule an individual appointment.

Sign up here for the Vietnamese placement test, which will be a remote test sometime in August.

Since early registration for fall is happening before most of these tests will be held, you are encouraged to go ahead and enroll for whatever language level you think might be right for you.  To help you make that choice, there are self-assessment guides available in several languages:

Self-assessment guide in Arabic | Chinese | Hebrew | Hindi-Urdu | Japanese Korean

(If you are enrolling in Persian, Turkish, or Vietnamese, we’re sorry there is not currently a self-assessment guide available. Take your best guess.)

This self-assessment is not a substitute for the formal placement test (which you should also sign up for), but will increase your chances of picking the right course, so that when you get your placement result, you’ll already be enrolled in the right class. If you are placed at a level other than what you had predicted, you’ll need to drop that class and switch to the correct level (which the department can help you with if needed).