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Autumn Harvest Festival – 추석, Chuseok
On August 15, lunar calendar, every year, Koreans celebrate the autumn harvest. At UNC, students and faculty in the Korean program prepare Korean meals and delicacies for the autumn harvest festival and invite the campus community to the event.

Lunar New Year’s Celebration – 설, Seol)
The Korean program celebrates lunar New Year’s Day with students, faculty, and community members.  Participants will have chances to enjoy a Korean traditional New Year’s meal, play traditional games, and mingle with others who share interests in Korean culture and language.

Guest Speaker Series
The Korean program brings dynamic scholars, artists, and journalists to UNC.

Film Screenings
Korean cinema has gained significant recognition and popularity over the past decade, and is an important medium for understanding Korean culture. Korean movies and documentaries, with English subtitles, are shown on campus periodically; these screenings are open to all members of the UNC community and to the public.