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B.A. Major in Asian Studies: Korean Studies Concentration

Core Requirements

At least two Korean language courses above KOR 204.
KOR 305: Advanced Korean I
KOR 306: Advanced Korean II
KOR 407: Modern Korean Literature and Culture
KOR 408: Changes and Continuities in Korean History
KOR 409: Korean through Current Affairs
KOR 490: Topics in Korean Language and Literature

Students whose initial placement is above KOR 305 should consult the departmental advisor.

At least one (maximum two) introductory-level course from this list:
ASIA 72: First-Year Seminar: Transnational Korea: Literature, Film, and Popular Culture
KOR 150: History, Memory, and Reality in Contemporary Korea
KOR 151: Education and Social Changes in Contemporary Korea

At least two Korean literature or culture courses from this list:
CMPL/KOR 232: Imagining the City in Modern Korea: Text, Image, Space
CMPL/KOR/WGST 237: Rebel, Lover, Martyr: Gender and Sexuality in North and South Korean Screen Cultures
CMPL 246/KOR 346: Body Politics in Modern Korean Literature
KOR 327: Korean Diasporas
ASIA 350: The Asian American Experience
ASIA 427/CMPL 527/PWAD 427: Cold War Culture in East Asia: Transnational and Intermedial Connections
CMPL 547/KOR 447: Documenting Diasporas: Korean Diasporas in Films and Documentaries

Optional courses from this list (no required minimum):
ARTH/ASIA 158: Introduction to East Asian Art and Architecture
ASIA/ECON 469: Asian Economic Systems
ASIA 692H: Senior Honors Thesis II

This is an eight-course major.  In addition to the five minimum courses already stipulated, the remaining three may be chosen from any of the courses listed above.

Placement credit (PL) may not be used to meet core requirements for the concentration.

Additional Requirements

Korean through level 4 (KOR 101, 102, 203, 204).  This requirement may be met by placement.


Approved courses taken in UNC–Chapel Hill-sponsored study abroad programs or taken from another institution may count in the concentration. No more than one first-year seminar may be counted among the eight major courses.

With the approval of the associate chair of Asian and Middle Eastern studies, a student may count a course in directed readings (KOR 496) in the concentration in Korean studies. To register, a student must obtain the approval of the associate chair and the faculty member who will supervise the project.

Of the eight courses in the concentration in Korean studies, at least six must be passed with a grade of C (not C-) or better.