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The Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies offers Arabic language courses, advanced literature and culture courses in Arabic, and Arabic literature and culture courses taught in English. Students can major in Arab Cultures, minor in Arabic, or choose Arabic to satisfy their Global Language requirement.

Genuine beginners in Arabic should enroll in ARAB 101, offered every fall (and sometimes in first summer session). Students with prior knowledge of either spoken or written Arabic are required to take the placement test to determine which class is most suitable for them.

Students who wish to take Arabic, particularly those who need to take it as a major requirement, are advised to begin the sequence as early as possible.

In addition to our sequenced language courses, and varied offerings in English about Arab cultures, the Arabic program offers a course in Arabic Grammar and Composition, ARAB 300, required of all majors and with a prerequisite of ARAB 204, and a Languages Across the Curriculum (LAC) course in Arabic, ARAB 308. The 1-credit LAC discussion offers students an opportunity to use their emerging language skills to discuss and study a range of academic subjects.