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The Turkish placement test is required if you have any prior knowledge of Turkish and wish to take Turkish classes at Carolina. If you do not intend to take Turkish classes, but just wish to satisfy the Global Language requirement, please refer to the Language Placement website to review the possible options for meeting the requirement.

The Turkish placement test is given at the following times of year:

  • At the start of fall semester.
  • At the start of spring semester.

Submit this webform to sign up for an upcoming placement test session. The autoreply you receive will contain information on when the test will be.

Turkish placement FAQ

All you need is something to write with.
For the remote test, you’ll need a computer with working camera, speakers, and microphone. You will also need a secure Internet connection. A Turkish keyboard is not required.
If you have studied or heard/learnt Turkish at home, the Turkish placement test is intended to place you in the appropriate Turkish course. The test includes reading, writing, listening, and speaking parts. As this is a proficiency test, there is no need to study or prepare for it.
You will be notified by email within a few days. If classes are in session, we’ll be doing our best to get results out as soon as possible. If it seems like you should’ve gotten your result but you haven’t, check the confirmation email from your original placement signup to make sure you didn’t make a mistake in your email address, and also check that your UNC email is set up and working.
Please discuss your situation with the Turkish placement coordinator, Dr. Didem Havlioglu.

Placement is not a perfect science by any means, and every year we do usually make a few adjustments. If you don’t think the class you were placed in is the best level for you, we are always happy to discuss it and re-evaluate.  Ultimately, however, the department’s decision will be final.

Did you review the general placement FAQ? Many questions are answered there. If you still don’t find the answer, or otherwise need help with a placement issue, please contact Lori Harris.