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Ms. Xinming Liao

Xinming Liao
Teaching Assistant

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I am Xinming Liao, 24 years old. I come from China, and was born in Shanghai but live in Guangzhou. I have been studying Chinese literature and history for a long time. At 6 years old, I could recite Tao Te Ching and other Chinese classic texts. When I was an undergraduate, I majored in Chinese language and literature. For a broader transcultural horizon, I studied comparative literature as pursuing my first Master's degree. Now I choose the Chinese track in DAMES, expecting to study Chinese literature from interdisciplinary perspectives. I hope to develop my critical thinking and interdisciplinary view by engaging in seminars and lectures. My favorite food is fried salmon and yogurt; my favorite animal is rabbit; and one of my favorite books is The Sublime Object of Ideology written by Zizek.

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