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Dr. Ji-Yeon Jo

Ji-Yeon Jo
Associate Professor
Director, Carolina Asia Center
Affiliate faculty, Global Studies
New West 214

Office Hours: TR 11-12 In-Person at FedEx GEC 3105
Zoom Link


My research and teaching interests include the Korean diaspora, ethnic return migration, and Asian American Studies. My first book, Homing: An Affective Topography of Ethnic Korean Return Migration (University of Hawai‘i Press, 2017), addresses some of the most vexing and pressing issues of contemporary transnational migration―citizenship, cultural belonging, language, and family relationships―and highlights their affective dimensions. I have published several book chapters and articles in peer-reviewed academic journals. I am currently working on my second book project, Documenting Diasporas: Explorations of Diasporic Affect in the Films and Documentaries of Korean Diasporas. This project explores Korean diaspora films and documentaries produced by diaspora Korean filmmakers around the world and critically investigates how their films and documentaries question, (re)imagine, and articulate diaspora Korean subjectivities in different spaces. I have two other concurrent writing and research projects: one on educational issues of foreign marriage migrants in South Korea and another on transnational consumptions and identities of multi-generation Korean Americans.


  • KOR 150: History, Memory, and Reality in Contemporary Korea
  • KOR 150: History, Memory, and Reality in Contemporary Korea
  • KOR 151: Education and Social Changes in Contemporary Korea
  • KOR 151: Education and Social Changes in Contemporary Korea
  • KOR 327: Korean Diasporas
  • KOR 327: Korean Diasporas
  • ASIA 350: The Asian American Experience
  • ASIA 350: The Asian American Experience
  • KOR 447: Documenting Diasporas: Korean Diasporas in Films and Documentaries
  • KOR 447: Documenting Diasporas: Korean Diasporas in Films and Documentaries
  • ASIA 722: Asia in Motion: TransAsia and Transpacific Approaches to the Study of Asia



Homing: An Affective Topography of Ethnic Korean Return Migration (, Honolulu, Hawai‘i: University of Hawai‘i Press. 2017.

Book Chapters

Jo, Ji-Yeon O.Pop Culture, Identity, and Korean Diaspora.” In Identity, Interest, and Power in East Asian Popular Culture, edited by Yoon, Yeon-hee. Korea University Press, Forthcoming, 2018.

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Refereed Journal Articles

Lee, Seok In and Ji-Yeon O. Jo. “Transnational Citizenship as Status, Identity and Participation: A Case Study of Korean Americans.” International Journal of Global Diaspora Studies 2. 2 (2016): 3-19.

 Lee, Seok In and Ji-Yeon O. Jo. 한국계 미국인의 민족 정체성과 집단 자존감에 관한 연구(A Study on Ethnic Identity and Collective Self-Esteem of Korean Americans). International Area Studies Review 18. 4 (2014): 341-358 (In Korean).

Jung, Minseung and Ji-Yeon O. Jo. 한국 다문화 교육의 이데올로기적 재생산 기제 비판 (Critique of the Mechanism of Ideological Reproduction in Multicultural Education in South Korea). Korean Journal of Sociology of Education 22. 2 (2012): 211-232 (In Korean).

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Encyclopedia Entry

Jo, J. O. and Minseung Jung. “Reforming South Korean Higher Education for Female Marriage Migrants.” In The Oxford Research on Education Encyclopedia (OREE), Forthcoming in 2018.

Jo, J. O. and Jungmin Kwon. “Cross-Cultural Education: Conceptions and Approaches of Education Across Cultures.” In Cross-Cultural Psychology: Contemporary Themes and Perspectives (2nd ed.), edited by Keith, Kenneth D. Wiley Publishing, Forthcoming in 2018.

Jo, J. O. “Cross-cultural education.” In Encyclopedia of Educational Leadership and Administration, edited by English, Fenwick. W, 242-243. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications, 2006. []


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