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Ms. Ivy Janson

My name is Ivy Janson and I am from Loveland, Colorado. Prior to pursuing my education at UNC I attended the University of Northern Colorado only a short distance outside my hometown. I graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in history and a Bachelors of Arts in Asian studies in May of 2022, with most of my work centered on early twentieth century Chinese and Taiwanese history. While attending UNC, my research focus has shifted towards Sinophone studies with an emphasis on twentieth century Sinophone communities in Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. I have a particular interest in exploring these communities and their complicated social positioning through the lens of diaspora studies and settler colonial studies, as well as examining the ways in which notions of “Chineseness” within these communities. Outside of these studies, I enjoy reading in the rain, visiting the beach, and visiting the Triangle’s many nature trails.

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