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May 1, 2024

Maryam Khan, Jasmine Simmons, and Logan Dosher (L-R) after presenting their research at the 2024 senior honors colloquium.

On April 25th, 2024, seniors from the Departments of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, American Studies, and Religious Studies presented their theses in our yearly honors colloquium to their friends, family, and the general public. After showcasing their research and explaining the projects they have developed over the past year, the seniors took questions from the audience and were presented, at the conclusion of the ceremony, with their golden honors cords, which will indicate to their peers at commencement their intense dedication to research, writing, and academic discovery.

Logan Dosher, of the Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies, wrote Visions of the Future: Visual-Othering and Dis-Corporeality in Taiwanese Queer Literature. His advisor was Dr. Keren He.

Jasmine Simmons, of the Department of American Studies, wrote Black Oontz Oontz: Black Interiority in Electronic Music. Her advisor was Dr. Antonia Randolph.

Maryam Khan, of the Department of Religious Studies, wrote Crossroads of Identity: Navigating the Hyderabadi Muslim Diaspora through Women’s Stories. Her advisor was Dr. Juliane Hammer.


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