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October 11, 2023

New graduate student Xingyu Chen!

Q: Tell us about yourself!

My legal name is Xingyu Chen. Katherine can be used to address me.

Q: What program track did you choose in DAMES, and why?

I am one of the new grad students of DAMES in the Chinese track. The reason is that I hope to have the opportunity to be close to the academic field but not subject to the traditional division of disciplines and departments.

Q: What are you hoping to gain from your experiences here in DAMES and at UNC?

I hope to focus on research on the effect of policy and environment on socio-cultural factors. Cross-cultural factors are expected during my time here, and I wish to conduct more valuable and in-depth research for my projects.

Q: For fun: what’s your favorite food, favorite animal, or favorite book?

I don’t seem to be particularly passionate about food. Since my symbol animal is the cat, all food can be seen as cat food, haha!

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