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January 25, 2023

Israeli poet Ronny Someck

Best-known living Israeli poet Ronny Someck (translated into 44 Languages!) read and discussed his poetry in a public event at UNC this past October, and visited Professor Shemer’s classes the following day. Our own John Caldwell read the poems in English following the Hebrew reading by the poet.

A recording of the main event is available on the Carolina Center for Jewish Studies’ YouTube channel.

Ronny Someck was born in Baghdad in 1951 and came to Israel as a young child. He has published 13 volumes of poetry (The last called “so much god “) and two books for children with Shirly Someck. He has been translated into 44 languages, including Arabic, French, Catalan, Albanian, Italian, Macedonian, Yiddish, Croatian, Nepali, Dutch, Danish, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Turkish, Russian, and English.

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