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September 28, 2022

Happy Second Day of Rosh Hashanah here in 2022, from Professor Hanna Sprintzik of our Hebrew program!

Professor Sprintzik says, “This Hebrew song is dedicated to all my students in all levels and ages, especially the children! It is about the Hebrew calendar being today the first day of the year, Alef in Tishrei of the 5783.”

Here are the 12 months on the Hebrew calendar:

Tishrei: תשרי
Chesvan: חשוון
Kislev: כסלו
Tevet: טבת
Shvat: שבט
Adar: אדר
Nisan: ניסן
Eyar: אייר
Sivan: סיוון
Tamuz: תמוז
Av: אב
Elul: אלול

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