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To our Asian Studies majors and minors of the Class of 2020:

We close out the year not only wishing you well, but celebrating you for all that you are: our strong, determined, wonderful graduates who have filled the halls of New West and the quads of campus with the languages you’ve learned in our classrooms. We’ve watched you learn Chinese calligraphy. We’ve clapped along as you’ve rapped in Korean onstage. We’ve seen you dance like the stars of Bollywood cinema, and we’ve been astounded by your prowess in Japanese speech contests. You have not only aided Syrian refugees with us, formed student organizations with us, studied abroad with us, grown with us: you have reached for the stars with us.

Asian Studies grads, we are so proud of you. And we’re here to tell you so:

Come visit us in the future in New West. We miss you already, and we are and always will be your Carolina Asian Studies family.

All our love,
The Department of Asian Studies

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