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Machik is a Washington, D.C.-based international NGO that operates on the rural Tibetan Plateau and beyond. Its work is rooted in community-based education and, in addition to running schools, extends to youth leaderships training programs, energy and environmental projects, and initiatives to increase women’s access to education and economic resources. After inviting Dr. Losang Ragbey, Machik’s executive director, to speak to his ASIA 453 class, Dr. Gang Yue began working with Machik himself, visiting and engaging with one of its schools in Tibet and speaking by invitation to public audiences of diverse backgrounds. He also refers UNC students to Machik’s volunteer and internship programs. Dr. Yue joined the Machik Advisory Board in 2008 and regularly participates in teleconferences with other board members. He considers this volunteer work part of his broader ethnographic fieldwork, as his interactions with Tibetans and multinational volunteers and supporters have enriched his scholarly work and informed its ethos. For Dr. Yue’s latest participation as a panelist in the second MachikWeekendX (MWx), visit


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