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For Undergraduate Research Week, we’re featuring interviews with our senior honors thesis students about their work in progress.

What encouraged you to get involved in research?

I worked closely with a professor in the RELI/ASIA department and it influenced me to possibly go about comprehending how policy, as well as religion and the patriarchy all tie together to influence menstrual health practices.

Briefly, what is your research about?

My research will consist of interviewing women from the Sikh faith in the Triangle Area, solely to comprehend what they believe in regards to menstruation, as well as what practices they follow.

What do you like most about your work?

I like that I am able to work and interact with people, truly taking their stories and analyzing how time, practice, and change in location have shifted perspectives over generations.

What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned from this experience (so far)?

So far, I have learned that there isn’t much information regarding extremely specific topics at times, but that is where I am pushed to continue with my own interviews and add to this field.

What has been the most difficult part of your research experience (so far)?

(same as 4?)

What do you want to do as a career, and do you think you might want a career that involves research?

I hope to work in the health field and this is a project I definitely want to continue as I progress in my professional career.


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