The Qin, or Zither, is the oldest instrument that is still played today. It has a history of more than 3,000 years. It is considered one of the gentleman’s four arts that cultivated the cultured men in China for more than two millenniums. Qin music further defines the essence of Chinese traditional music that reflects both the Confucian and the Daoist aesthetic ideals. With this important status in the traditional Chinese culture, every learned man in traditional China played the instrument and was conversant with the aesthetics governing the qin music. This course offers students an opportunity to learn the aesthetics, culture, and history of qin, and study the music through learning the beginning levels of qin musical pieces. As the course meets the Experiential Education criteria of GenEds, so at the end of the semester students will give a public qin concert with the local qin musicians to showcase the qin music. No knowledge of Chinese is required.  VP, BN, E5.