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In this course, we will explore the various ways that wars and conflicts, particularly Iran-Iraq, U.S.-Iraq, and U.S.-Afghanistan wars, have been portrayed in literature, film, and photography. We will attempt to deepen and enrich our understanding of war experienced by both veterans and civilians of each country. We will examine the impact of war on the human psyche in regards to violence. We will read books by American war veterans and Middle East authors contemplating the wars and their consequences. We will look at each writer’s perspective on war and their interpretation of it comparatively. In order to enhance our understanding of the phenomenon of war, we will also read supplementary articles on criticism of war and a few on the psychology of war. There will be film screening on these wars which will give students the opportunity to examine these wars in a different medium than just literature. We will also look at war photography and analyze the perspectives of each photographer and the impact war has not only on people who are involved but on outside observers as well. All readings will be in English. The class will be conducted in the form of a combination of lectures, discussion, and experimentations. LA, CI, GL.