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The Israeli (Zionist)-Arab conflict, which has lasted for
over 100 years, has instilled in the minds of many the
notion of the incompatibility of the terms “Arabs” and
“Jews.” The presence of Jews in Arab lands and the
often peaceful co-existence between the Jews and
their neighbors render “Arab-Jews” not an oxymoron,
but a historical reality. This course is designed to
examine Jewish life in Arab lands in the last century by
examining culture, language, and the communal life
the Arab-Jews shared with their neighbors of other
faiths. Class materials include scholarly texts, literary
works, films, and music related to the theme of ArabJews.
 No knowledge of Hebrew or Arabic is required.
 This course counts for the Arab Cultures major, the Arabic
minor, the Hebrew minor, the interdisciplinary major and minor
in Asian Studies, and the Jewish Studies major and minor.
 Course meets GL and BN Gen-Ed requirements.