Employing Zionist, post- and anti-Zionist documents, treatises, literature, and cinema, this class focuses on the triad of language, Jewish-Israeli national identity, and homeland.  Territorial and political Zionism, which dominated the Zionist enterprise already at the beginning of the 20th century, heralded the renewed settlement of the Jews in the Land of Israel/Palestine.  Zionism endeavored to rectify the perceived anomaly of the Jewish people, one aspect of which is the condition of being a nation without a common language. The return to the Promised Land and to the language the land’s forefathers spoke in the Biblical era were therefore inseparable and the spread of the Hebrew language became, to an extent, the litmus test for the success of the Zionist enterprise.  Knowledge of Hebrew is not required for this class.  This course counts for the Hebrew minor, the interdisciplinary major and minor in Asian Studies, and the Jewish Studies major and minor. BN.