This course encompasses a century of literary writings on the experiences of the Chinese in the United States. The select works are written for the Chinese-reading communities worldwide, hence “writing Chinese (language) in America,” while they record and reflect upon the transnational and inter-racial/ethnic formation of Chinese American identity in the U.S., therefore “writing Chinese America.” Because the selected works are published for the Chinese audience back “home” as well as the diaspora communities in the “foreign” land of the United States, Chinese-language writings about America also constitute a critical venue of cross-cultural communication for China’s own “Occidental imagination.” From within this broad historical context and cultural parameters, other themes to be examined include gender and sexuality, generational conflict and historical remembrance, and pursuit of the American dream and the Asian American “model minority” as well as their critique. Prerequisites, CHIN 510 or 511 and CHIN 525. This course is also open to native speakers of Chinese. LA, CI, US.