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The Chinese placement test is given both in person and remotely, depending on the time of year. The same skills are tested in both versions. Students are welcome to complete the written portion using traditional or simplified characters, as they prefer.

In-person version:
The Chinese placement test begins with a questionnaire about the student’s language background. After filling out the questionnaire, students will complete a short listening comprehension test and an oral interview with one of the instructors. There are several versions of the written test. The questionnaire information and results from the listening comprehension test and the oral interview are used to determine what level of the written test the student should begin with.

The test generally includes reading, writing, and translation. Please bring a pencil since you should handwrite your response to the test questions.

Remote version (on zoom):
When signing up for the remote test, students will fill out the placement questionnaire online, after which they will be added to the Sakai site. A Zoom meeting link will also be sent out before the test date. Please do not start the test before the scheduled Zoom meeting.

The Sakai-based test has a 90-minute time limit and consists of four parts:
1. Listening Comprehension (15 multiple-choice questions)
2. Vocabulary & Grammar (18 multiple-choice questions)
3. Reading Comprehension (17 multiple-choice questions)
4. Writing (Requires handwriting and image uploading)

This placement test also has an oral interview, which will be conducted in a Zoom breakout room. Some students will do the interview before starting the online test, others will do the interview after completing the online test.

Students will need the following for the remote test:
• Pencil
• Paper (to write the short essay on, and to take notes during the listening comprehension test if needed)
• Timer (you’re recommended to use a timer for each section of the test to ensure that you don’t spend more than the suggested time limit on that section)
• Webcam (you should keep your webcam on throughout the placement test during the Zoom session with Chinese faculty)
• Earphones (recommended for better sound quality during the listening comprehension section)