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The Arabic placement test has three parts:

  1. Online: The online portion of the test should be taken in advance (before the scheduled placement testing day).  It includes a questionnaire about your Arabic language background; a listening comprehension section; and a reading comprehension section.
  2. Written: A short writing sample in which you write about yourself.
  3. Oral: A short oral interview. You may use any type of spoken Arabic (formal or dialect).

This placement test is a proficiency test; there is no need to prepare for it.  The result should indicate your current level of command of the language, and thus determine the most appropriate course placement for you.


The test is now in two online parts.  First part is reading and listening, same as #1 above. Second part is writing (by hand, not typing) and speaking. That’ll be it for most people, but a few students may be asked to also do an oral interview (via zoom).