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The main portion of the Hindi-Urdu placement test is online and can be taken whenever you like.  For some students, an oral interview (online via Zoom) will also be required. Within a week after taking the online test, you’ll receive an email either informing you of your placement result or asking you to schedule an oral interview.

The test is an hour long and is Sakai-based; you will need to log in with your Onyen credentials.

Don’t have an Onyen and password?
— If you’re an incoming new student, please wait to take this test until you have created your Onyen and have it working.
— If you are not a UNC student, please email the Hindi-Urdu placement coordinator, Prof. John Caldwell, for help to access the test.

Equipment you will need to take the test:
— Paper and pen/pencil;
—  Cell phone or other camera (you’ll need to upload a jpg);
— Computer with working microphone so you can make a voice recording.

The placement test consists of four sections:

  1. A questionnaire about your previous language study and experience;
  2. A listening comprehension section based on a film clip;
  3. A writing sample (you can use either the Hindi script, or the Urdu script, or Roman transliteration);
  4. A speaking sample.


Click here to access the test.