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To register for this placement test, you must complete these steps.

  1. Review this self-assessment guide to estimate your level.
  2. Complete and submit the questionnaire below.
  3. You’ll then be notified about the test date/time.

Chinese placement questionnaire

    As a UNC student, you are expected to uphold the University's Honor Code. Any violation of the Honor Code can be serious. If it is found later that the information provided here is inaccurate, you may be asked to drop the class and even reported to the Office of Student Conduct.
  • If you have not reviewed the self-assessment guide, please go back and do so before starting this questionnaire.
  • This is your UNC student number. It should be a 9-digit number starting with 7. If you are not a UNC student, enter nine zeroes.
  • Please supply your UNC email address (NOT a personal address); in most cases this will be [your onyen]
  • "Undecided" if you don't have one yet.
  • If you are a continuing UNC student who has just been on a study abroad program or a summer language program at another university, you should not be completing this form. Instead, please go back to the main placement test signup page and register for the "Chinese for study abroad returnees" test.
    Include weekend Chinese school, online classes, etc.
  • For IB students who were unable to take the IB tests due to COVID-19, UNC is accepting Predicted Scores, so please do include those in your answer.
    Check all that apply.