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Persian Culture Courses

In addition to the Persian language sequence, the Department of Asian Studies offers several courses that deal with diverse aspects of Persian history and culture. There are also courses offered in some other departments that are relevant to Persian culture. All the courses listed below are taught in English and have no prerequisite.

Courses in the Department of Asian Studies

ASIA 122 Introduction to Iranian Culture (3). This course will examine the cultural identity of the country of Iran and its people, from its roots in antiquity to the modern day. Students develop familiarity with cultural facts of life and traditions that have made Iran a significant and distinctive cultural arena for more than 3,000 years.

ASIA 224 Introduction to Iranian Cinema (3). This course will offer students an opportunity to study selected, socially engaged Iranian films. By watching, contextualizing, and discussing films that explore cultural and historical issues affecting modern-day Iran, we will discover themes of politics, religion, gender, class, and history.

Courses in Other Departments

RELI 581 Sufism (ASIA 581) (3). Permission of the instructor. A survey of Islamic mysticism, its sources in the Qur’an and the Prophet Muhammad, and its literary, cultural, and social deployment in Arab, Persian, Indic, and Turkish regions.

RELI 583 Religion and Culture in Iran, 1500–Present (ASIA 583) (3). Iran from the rise of the Safavid empire to the Islamic Republic. Topics include Shi’ism, politics, intellectual and sectarian movements, encounters with colonialism, art and architecture, music, literature.