The undergraduate minor in Persian consists of four courses.

Three courses are language courses beyond PRSN 203 (the first semester of Intermediate Persian).

The final course must be chosen from among the following:

ARTH/ASIA 251: Art and Architecture in the Age of the Caliphs (7th-12th Centuries CE)
ARTH/ASIA 458: Islamic Palaces, Gardens, and Court Culture (8th-16th Centuries CE)
ASIA 122: Introduction to Iranian Culture
ASIA 224: Introduction to Iranian Cinema
ASIA 435: The Cinemas of the Middle East and North Africa
GEOG/ASIA 447: Gender in the Middle East
HIST 74: First-Year Seminar: Emperors, Courts, and Consumption: The Mughals of India
HIST/ASIA 135: History of the Indian Subcontinent to 1750
HIST/ASIA 138: History of Muslim Societies to 1500
HIST/ASIA 139: History of Muslim Societies since 1500
HIST 163: Modern Central Asia
HIST/ASIA 276: The Modern Middle East
HIST/ASIA 536: Revolution in the Modern Middle East
HIST/ASIA/WMST 537: Women in the Middle East
HIST/ASIA 538: The Middle East and the West
RELI/ASIA 180: Introduction to Islamic Civilization
RELI/ASIA 181: Modern Muslim Societies
RELI 480: Modern Muslim Literatures
RELI/ASIA 581: Sufism
RELI/ASIA 582: Islam and Islamic Art in South Asia
RELI/ASIA 583: Religion and Culture in Iran, 1500-Present
SOCI 419: Sociology of the Islamic World

Placement credit (PL) may not be used to meet major requirements.