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Please follow these steps to take the Korean placement test:

1. Submit this webform so that we have your information.

2. Take the first part of the test, which is online and can be done anytime.

The test is on Sakai, and you will first need to join the Sakai site, and then take the test.  Click here to join the Korean placement site on Sakai. You’ll need your Onyen credentials to log into Sakai. (If you are not a UNC student and don’t have an Onyen, please contact Professor Eunji Lee for help.)

Once you have joined the site, click here to access the online test.

If you have any technical difficulty with accessing the online test, please seek help at

3. If you scored 25 or higher on the online part, you will need to take the second part of the test, which will be given remotely on Friday, January 6, from 10 am to noon. (If you scored less than 25, your placement is KOR 101 (offered every fall, and sometimes in summer) and you don’t need to take the second part.)

You will need:
— paper and pencil
— microphone
— camera or scanner (so you can scan or photograph your test paper and then upload it)

You will receive an email the day before the test giving you the Zoom link for the test.