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The undergraduate minor in Japanese consists of four language courses beyond JAPN 203 (the first semester of Intermediate Japanese), chosen from among the following:

JAPN 204: Intermediate Japanese II
JAPN 305: Advanced Japanese
JAPN 306: Advanced Japanese II
JAPN 401: Gateway to Mastering Japanese
JAPN 408: Japanese Journalism
JAPN 409: Japanese Modernism
JAPN 410: Topics in Contemporary Japanese Literature
JAPN 411: Food and Culture in Japan
JAPN 412: Making Music in Japan
JAPN 413: Fashioning Japan: Gender, Nation, and Dress
JAPN 414: Manga as a Japanese Art and Culture
JAPN 415: Sports in Japanese Culture
JAPN 416: Understanding Japanese Business Culture and Its Practice
JAPN 417: Japanese Culture through Film and Literature
JAPN 490: Topics in Japanese Language and Literature
JAPN 521: Investigating Japanese Culture through TV Dramas
JAPN 590: Advanced Topics in Japanese Language and Literature

Placement credit (PL) may not be used to meet minor requirements.