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This course is designed to introduce students to Iranian women’s issues through their literary works written by women in Persian that is available in English translation. To contextualize these literary works, we will also read articles and essays on the historical, cultural, social, political, and economic backgrounds. In order to approach these literary works in a more effective and nuanced manner, we will also be reading various secondary materials. All the readings will be in English.
Note: During this course we will be implementing an innovative and interactive learning method—Collaborative Online International Learning, or COIL. COIL is an instructional method that involves faculty members and students from two or more countries teaching and learning together using technology as part of regularly scheduled courses at each institution. During this course we will engage in class discussions and lectures and a final presentation assignment with faculty and students from the University of British Columbia for approximately five class session (asynchronous and synchronous options available). These activities will enhance your learning of the course content, and your participation in the COIL activities is required. COIL activities will provide you with exposure to new cultural contexts, knowledge, and perspectives on the course material. By participating in the COIL activities, you will develop and enhance cross-cultural communication skills and gain experience working in multicultural teams. LA, BN, CI.