Experiences of people with Asian heritage in the United States have often been homogenized despite their diverse language, class, ethnicity, education, gender, generation, sexual, regional, and religious backgrounds. In this course, we will explore ‘heterogeneity, hybridity, and multiplicity’ of experiences and identities of Asian Americans through critical examinations of historical and contemporary issues. The course will start with a brief survey of Asian American history and demographic changes and will move onto exploring issue of the Asian American positionality in the American society, gender and sexuality, identities and interracial relationships, and youth and family. The later part of course will be devoted to identifying and investigating possibilities for pedagogical and participatory engagement of Asian Americans. The explorations and critical examinations of these issues will provide opportunities to rethink the shifting notions of what it means to be an Asian in the United States, who are the Asian Americans, and what shapes the experiences of Asian Americans. HS, NA, US.