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Teaching Associate Professor
GEC 4121

Professional biography

I was born in Argentina and grew up in Israel. I am a foreign language teacher and a community educator. In Argentina, I completed dental school and practiced dentistry for two years. During that time, I was involved in National Health Education Campaigns as well as research initiatives in underserved local communities.

After coming to the US in 2005, I earned a Master of Education from Arizona State University, becoming a fully certified foreign language educator. Since then, I have been teaching Hebrew and Spanish within Jewish and non-Jewish institutions, becoming especially interested in curriculum development, the use of technology in the classroom, and the teaching of Israeli culture.

I came to UNC-Chapel Hill in 2011. Since my arrival, I have been engaged in curriculum design activities within the Hebrew program and am actively creating Israeli cultural enrichment opportunities for my Hebrew students.


My research interests include: curriculum development, teaching effectiveness, culture instruction, and teacher education.

During my time at Carolina, I have been awarded travel grants from the Carolina Center for Jewish Studies in order to present academic papers at different national conferences.


ASIA 53: First-Year Seminar: Israeli Popular Culture: The Case of Music
HEBR 101: Elementary Hebrew I
HEBR 102: Elementary Hebrew II
HEBR 203: Intermediate Hebrew I
HEBR 204: Intermediate Hebrew II
HEBR 305: Advanced Hebrew I
HEBR 306: Advanced Hebrew II