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Teaching Associate Professor
New West 223
Curriculum Vitae

Coordinator, Arabic language program

Professional biography

I received my M.A. in Teaching Arabic for Non-Arabic Speakers from the American University in Cairo. I was born in Cairo, Egypt, but I spent my childhood and school years in Mansoura, which is a smaller city in northern Egypt with a beautiful agricultural landscape and very kind and open-minded people. I received my B.A. in Journalism and Mass Communication from Cairo University and worked for a few years for Sabah El Kheir magazine in Cairo. I worked after that as a teacher and manager of the AUC kindergarten for 9 years. I have also worked as a freelance puppeteer. In 1998, I had a job at the AUC Bookstore; meanwhile, I started studying for my M.A.

Before joining the Department of Asian Studies at UNC in August 2009, I had taught various levels of Arabic courses (classical and colloquial) at the American University in Cairo.

It took me ten years to finish and publish my first novel, Rimal Na’emah (Fine Quicksand). It won the second-best-selling novel in September 2011 by Kotob Khan, Cairo, Egypt. I’m currently working on my second novel, hopefully to take much less time than my first!

I have one daughter, Laila, who is a theater director and playwright. I have traveled to many places: Syria, Lebanon, Yemen, England, Germany, Austria, and Greece. I have visited many places all over Egypt and I take every chance to travel in the US. My wish is to travel to Latin America, inshaalah.


ARAB 101: Elementary Arabic I
ARAB 102: Elementary Arabic II
ARAB 203: Intermediate Arabic I
ARAB 204: Intermediate Arabic II
ARAB 300: Arabic Grammar & Composition
ARAB 305: Advanced Arabic I
ARAB 306: Advanced Arabic II
ARAB 407: Readings in Arabic I
ARAB 408: Readings in Arabic II


Rimal Na’emah (Fine Quicksand), a novel, Cairo, August 2011.