Teaching Assistant Professor in Korean
New West 223

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Professional Biography

I received my B.A. and M.A. in Korean Language and Literature from KyungPook National University in Daegu, South Korea. I also completed the coursework portion of a Ph.D. in Korean Language and Literature in South Korea. Following my graduate studies, I was able to acquire substantial teaching experience at the university level in South Korea. Specifically, I served for six years as a lecturer in the Department of Korean Language and Literature at Kyungpook National University.  In this role, I taught courses on Korean Language & Culture,  Korean Technical Writing, and Sino-Korean literature to both Korean and non-native Korean students.  I have been teaching Korean language at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill since 2010.


My research interests are Korean language education and Korean classic literature of the Chosun dynasty. Currently, I am working on translating Sino-Korean literature of late Chosun dynasty (1600s – 1800s). Also, I am researching on Buddhism literature of Wol In Suk Bo (월인석보, 月印釋譜) which was written in 1457.


• Asian Language Faculty Pedagogy Training/Professional Development and Course Development Grants (2015)
• Jimmy and Judy Cox Asia Initiative Awards, Carolina Asia Center, UNC–Chapel Hill (August 2014)
• Course Development Grant, Carolina Asia Center, UNC–Chapel Hill (June 2012)
• Professional Development Fund, Department of Asian Studies, UNC–Chapel Hill (May 2012)
• Brain Korea 21 (學術 人文 社會事業 分野) Fellowship, National Research Foundation (2003–2005)


KOR 101: Elementary Korean I
KOR 102: Elementary Korean II
KOR 203: Intermediate Korean I
KOR 204: Intermediate Korean II
KOR 305: Advanced Korean I
KOR 407: Modern Korean Literature and Culture


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