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Dr. Giseung Lee

Giseung Lee
Coates 207

Office Hours: TW 1-2 In-Person
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Professional Biography

I am a transnational scholar specializing in the field of applied linguistics and language assessment, with a particular emphasis on the Japanese and Korean languages. Currently, I hold the position of Lecturer in Korean within the Department of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies at UNC Chapel Hill. Up to the year 2023, I have imparted instruction in both Japanese and Korean languages across various institutions within the UNC system for a period spanning nine years. This tenure has culminated in an aggregate of sixteen years of teaching experience in applied linguistics and East Asian courses in higher education across the United States. I am the holder of a doctoral degree in Applied Linguistics and possess certifications as an Oral Proficiency Interview (OPI) tester in both the Japanese and Korean languages, a recognition bestowed by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). These distinguished accreditations have equipped me with an extensive repository of expertise in the realm of language assessment. Subsequently, I engage in close collaboration with Language Testing International (LTI) as a specialist and consultant in the domain of second language acquisition. Beyond my instructional duties, I possess a proficient aptitude in translation and interpretation, acquired through my involvement in both governmental and private sector contexts. During my enlistment in the Republic of Korea military, I actively contributed to Operation Iraqi Freedom, rendering Japanese/Korean interpretations and translations during various military operations. Furthermore, my translated works have been included in numerous documentaries produced by multiple broadcasting companies in Korea.


My scholarly interests revolve around the domains of social justice within applied linguistics, interlanguage pragmatics, language assessment, and the intricacies of diversity in the East Asian context. A focal point of my research pertains to the multifaceted realm of diversity within East Asia, exemplified through an ongoing research project titled "Multicultural Families in Korean Society.” This initiative entails a comprehensive ethnographic examination of immigration policies across Korea and America. My scholarly engagement within the realm of applied linguistics is underscored by my dissertation, titled “Postsecondary L2 Korean Learners' Knowledge and Perception of Interlanguage Pragmatics.” The methodological foundation of this work rests upon qualitative research, with external funding secured from the National Council of Less Commonly Taught Languages. Within this dissertation, I delve into the sphere of teacher education within applied linguistics, offering insights through the experiential lens of second language (L2) Korean learners. At present, I am developing a monograph that draws extensively from the qualitative data garnered during my dissertation investigation. The overarching purpose of this monograph is to provide valuable insights and guidance to L2 educators, spanning not only the realm of East Asian languages but encompassing diverse world languages. Concurrently, my research endeavors extend to the arena of language proficiency assessment for L2 learners, grounded firmly in adherence to the standards delineated by the ACTFL.


  • KOR 101: Elementary Korean I
  • KOR 102: Elementary Korean II
  • KOR 203: Intermediate Korean I
  • KOR 203: Intermediate Korean I
  • KOR 204: Intermediate Korean II

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