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Dr. Nidhi Kumari

Nidhi Kumari
Lecturer New West 222

Office Hours: TR 2:30-3:30 In-Person/Zoom
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Professional Biography

I attained my Bachelor's degree in Korean Language, Literature, and Cultural Studies from Jawaharlal Nehru University, India. Eager to deepen my academic pursuits, I subsequently earned a Master's and Ph.D. degree in Korean Language and Literature from Sejong University in South Korea. Prior to commencing my teaching journey at UNC, I contributed to the educational landscape at Sejong University where I taught courses on Korean Language & Culture I & II, Korean Thinking & Expressions I & II. Additionally, I played an instrumental role as a Research Assistant in the development of the Korean Language textbook for Indian Secondary School from 2021 to 2023 which was funded by The National Institute of the Korean Language.


For my doctoral research, I explored the multifaceted functions and distinct characteristics of the grammar forms in the Korean Colloquial Negative Expressions from the perspective of syntactic and pragmatic behavior using instances extracted from '<21st century Sejong> colloquial corpus' and also performed a comparative analysis with the presentation of grammar forms of Korean Colloquial Negative Expressions exhibited in Korean textbooks. After reviewing previous studies required for designing the educational syllabus, grammar forms of negative expressions were subsequently categorized into various hierarchical levels of learning, and a syllabus design was proposed that included a wide range of grammar forms in negative expressions that are used in the actual Colloquial discourse.


  • KOR 101: Elementary Korean I

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