Associate Professor
New West 318


My research interests are mainly in two areas: Chinese linguistics (discourse analysis) and Chinese language pedagogy. I am interested in analyzing the unique features of Chinese as an isolating and “discourse-oriented” language. Different from the majority of languages commonly studied, Chinese has meager grammatical markings within the clause, but more devices and strategies at the discourse level for the construction of text. The identification of these devices and strategies and the understanding of how they work together are important not only for the study of the grammatical system, but also for second-language teaching and learning.

In discourse analysis, I have worked on topic-comment structures and topic chains in Chinese. Projects currently in progress include (1) temporal/aspectual information and word order in Chinese and (2) grounding structure in Chinese narrative text. In second-language acquisition and teaching, my research centers on acquisition at the discourse level and how it influences the learning of grammatical features in the sentence. I have worked on discourse grammar of Chinese applied to second-language teaching, word order, and the acquisition of the written genre.   


CHIN 253: Chinese Language and Society
CHIN 354: Chinese Culture through Calligraphy
CHIN 407: Readings in Modern Chinese I
CHIN 408: Readings in Modern Chinese II
CHIN 440: Advanced Chinese Grammar
CHIN 441: Chinese-English Translation and Interpreting
CHIN 511: Literary Chinese


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