The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Department of Asian Studies
New West 318


The main area of my research is in discourse analysis of the Chinese language (Chinese linguistics). I am interested in Chinese discourse grammar as reflected, not in the structure of sentences per se, but in how clauses and sentences are linked to form long stretches of connected discourse. My analysis supplements the conventions and research agenda of much of the extant scholarship by taking a discourse perspective on dynamic language use. Recently, I have worked on grounding structure in Mandarin Chinese and the syntax-semantics interface, on issues such as the function of word order and clause structure in written narrative discourse, adverbial margins in complex sentences, aspect and aspectual coercion. My 2018 book Grounding in Chinese Written Narrative Discourse offers a comprehensive account of how Chinese, as a language without extensive morphological marking, highlights (or foregrounds) major events of a narrative and demotes (or backgrounds) other parts of the discourse. The study is based on qualitative and quantitative analysis and examinations of authentic written text. It provides extensive evidence to demonstrate that Chinese uses various types of morpho-syntactic devices in a wide range of structural units to mark the distinction between foregrounding and backgrounding. The analysis paves the way for future studies to systematically approach grounding-related issues. In earlier projects, I worked on Chinese topic-comment structure and topic chains.

My research also forges connections between linguistic analysis and language teaching. I have written on Chinese discourse grammar applied to second-language teaching, and the teaching of Chinese calligraphy to American students.   


CHIN 354: Chinese Culture through Calligraphy
CHIN 407: Readings in Modern Chinese I (taught in Chinese)
CHIN 408: Readings in Modern Chinese II (taught in Chinese)
CHIN 441: Chinese-English Translation and Interpreting (taught in Chinese)
CHIN 511: Literary Chinese (taught in Chinese)

Major Publications

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