The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Department of Asian Studies
Teaching Assistant Professor in Chinese
New West 110
Curriculum Vitae

Professional biography

I received my M.A. in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language from the University of Iowa. Before I came to the U.S., I studied Chinese language and literature at Beijing Language and Culture University, where I found my passion in language teaching. I have taught Chinese courses of all level at UNC and the University of Iowa.

As a Chinese language instructor, I find value in improving students’ language proficiencies and communication skills; developing students’ interest in Chinese culture and classical wisdom; and finally, making them lifelong learners who are able to use Chinese for personal enrichment and career development. I aim to achieve these goals through employing effective pedagogical practices and engaging in continuing professional development.


My research interests include strategies-based reading instruction among L2 Chinese readers; CSL (Chinese as a second language) reading and writing; and second language learning strategies.


CHIN 101: Elementary Chinese I
CHIN 102: Elementary Chinese II
CHIN 203: Intermediate Chinese I
CHIN 204: Intermediate Chinese II
CHIN 212: Intermediate Written Chinese
CHIN 305: Advanced Chinese I
CHIN 306: Advanced Chinese II
CHIN 313: Advanced Written Chinese
CHIN 407: Readings in Modern Chinese I
CHIN 408: Readings in Modern Chinese II


Helen H. Shen, Jia Lin, Ting Huang and Shu Zhu. Teaching Chinese as a Second Language: Reading Instruction Methods.  Peking University Press, forthcoming.

A Brief Analysis to Bing Xin’s To Little Readers (B.A. Degree thesis), Fujian: Ai Xin (The Official Journal of Bing Xin Research Society), Volume 28, P19. 2008.