Assistant Professor
New West 215

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Global Studies


I am an anthropologist (Ph.D Columbia University, 2010) who researches the traditions of intellectual inquiry, practices of public criticism, and modalities of political engagement of contemporary Arab intellectuals, both at home and in the diaspora. In doing so, I investigate theoretical discourses as anthropological objects by tracking their international circulations, translations, analytical uses, and political appropriations.

Currently, I am completing In Marxism’s Wake: The Disenchantment of Levantine Intellectuals, a book that examines the ebbing away of Marxist thought and practice through focusing on the intellectual and political trajectories of a generation – born around 1940 – of previously militant, public intellectuals. I retrace the extinction of revolutionary hopes with the rise of militant sectarian and Islamist political forces, explore the vexed relation of intellectuals to political militancy, and look into the emergence of a fork in critical agendas after the rise of postcolonial critique between diasporic Arab intellectuals, and their Marxist and liberal peers at home. I am also writing an essay on Talal Asad’s work focusing on questions of the anthropologist’s positionality, modes of intellectual inquiry, and spaces of intellectual engagement that will introduce an interview I conducted with him.


ARAB 150: Introduction to Arab Cultures
ARAB 321: Visions of Emancipation in Modernist Arab Thought
ARAB 462: Global Perspectives on Arab Cultures and Societies


“Dreams of a Dual Birth: Socialist Lebanon’s World and Ours,” (Boundary 2, Forthcoming 2015)

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“The Inward Turn and its Vicissitudes: Culture, Society and Politics in Post-1967 Leftist Critiques,” Local Politics and Contemporary Transformations in the Arab World: Governance beyond the Centre, edited by Cilja Harders, Anja Hoffman and Malika Bouziane (London: Palgrave, 2013)

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