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Research by Asian Studies faculty who use large-scale digital databases and statistical analysis.

Uffe Bergeton

History Word By Word: The Emergence of Civilizational Consciousness in Early China. Routledge, 2018.

“Modeling the contested relationship between Analects, Mencius, and Xunzi: Preliminary evidence from a Machine-Learning Approach,” R. Nichols, K. Nielbo, T. Slingerland, U. Bergeton, C. Logan, and S. Kleinman. Journal of Asian Studies, 2018.

“Theories of Statecraft as Focus of Top Themes in Early Chinese Texts: Distant Reading with Machine Learning.” U. Bergeton, R. Nichols, K. Nielbo, and E. Slingerland. Digital Scholarship in the Humanities. Submitted for review.

Yi Zhou

“Preparing Students for the Global Workforce: Survey Results of Chinese and Non-Chinese Working Professionals on Language Skills and Intercultural Competence.” Submitted for review.

“Radical-based Chinese Character Learning Strategy: An Empirical Study.” Presentation for 2019 Chinese Language Teaching Association (CLTA) Annual Conference.