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Digital Resources: Chinese East Asia Japanese Korean Persian South Asia Southeast Asia


Corpuses for research in Modern Chinese (language, linguistics, translation and language teaching):

  1. The Lancaster Corpus of Mandarin Chinese (LCMC)

  1. The UCLA Written Chinese Corpus 2nd edition (UCLA2)

  1. The ZJU Corpus of Translational Chinese (ZCTC)

  1. Callhome Mandarin Chinese Transcripts – XML Version

1-4 above are now accessible via “CQPweb” at Beijing Foreign Studies University at

  1. The MultiUN corpus that extracted from the official documents of the United Nations (UN), which is available for all the 6 official languages of the UN, including Chinese.

  1. UM-Corpus: A large English-Chinese Parallel Corpus for Statistical Machine Translation

  1. English–Chinese Parallel Corpus

Digital Resources compiled by Jeffrey R. Tharsen, University Lead Computational Scientist for the Digital Humanities Forum, the University of Chicago

Ancient China:

Shi Jing & Poetry

Shi Jing — General Information
The China Experience: Shi Jing

Complete Shi Jing text @ University of Virginia (Chinese and English [Legge])
Chapter-by-Chapter Shi Jing @ (Chinese, English [Legge] & French [Granet])
Shi Jing w/ Mao prefaces & Zhu Xi commentary – Harrison Huang
Martin Kern — “Shi Jing Songs as Performance Texts”
Shi Jing “Guan Ju” Translations @
“Guan Ju, the Song of Songs, and the Language of Love”
“Guan Ju & Sexual Restraint”

Introduction to Chinese Poetry & Poetic Form
T’ang Dynasty Poetry (with sound) 僑教雙週刊主題區 – 唐詩欣賞
Magic Island Chinese Poetry Database
Magic Island Tang Poetry 古诗库:全唐诗卷八百八十九
Classical Chinese Poetry 詩詞選
Classical Chinese Poetry In Chinese
Classical Chinese Poetry – China the Beautiful
Ancient Chinese Poetry 古诗库:古诗典藏
Translated Chinese Poetry: Chinese Poetry in English
Classical Chinese Poetry Selections by L.Kip Wheeler
Ezra Pound’s Comparative Poetics

Chinese Literature

Academica Sinica Text Database 瀚典: 資料庫選單
Academica Sinica Researches and Various Information
Academica Sinica — The Institute of History and Philology
漢達文庫 CHANT (CHinese ANcient Texts) Center
GuoDian Chu Manuscripts Search (Hong Kong)
University of Chicago Manuscripts
Bamboo & Silk Manuscripts 欢迎光临简帛研究网站

The Works of Confucius
The Analects of Confucius — Lun Yü
I Ching tr. by Richard Wilhelm
The I Ching, Legge tr.: The Yî King Text: Section I: I. The Khien Hexagram
I Ching Transliteration
Shang Shu (Sinica) 尚書
Zuo Zhuan @ St. Anselm College
Zuo Zhuan Complete
Introduction to the Writing of Lieh Tzu
Writings of Lieh Tzu
Taoist Teachings Translated from the Book of Lieh-Tzü
San Zi Jing: The Three-Character Classic
Ssi Ma Qian
Lu Chi
Xue Tao
Chinese Medical Classics Text Series
The Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing
Chinese Fable Stories
Chinese Characters and Culture
Plucking Up a Crop To Help It Grow
Zen Stories to Tell Your Neighbors

Classic Novels — Chinese Culture
Chinese Cultural Studies: Chinese Literature: Brief Guide
Browse By Language: Chinese – Project Gutenberg
Chinese Literature
Chinese Literature Classics – Main Page
The Tower of Babel
Marjorie Chan’s ChinaLinks III
Selected Chinese Literature in Translation
Brooklyn College Core 9: Chinese Culture Page
Five Chinese Classics
Chinese Literature – Chunqiu, Zuo Zhuan, Guliang Zhuan, Gongyang Zhuan
Chinese Literature Classics – Main Page
CND – Chinese Classics
Chinese Translations by Professor Gloom
Journal of China Translators
Language and Logic in Ancient China
China Resources

Shang Dynasty History
Early China timeline to 300 BCE
Chinese History – Shang Dynasty

Taoism & Eastern Philosophy

Chuang Tzu: The Next Voice
Complete Zhuangzi [Chuang Tzu] text
Taoist Texts
Chapter Seven: Later Daoism : Center of Traditional Taoist Studies
Tao Resources, Traditional Taoist Religious and Cultural Goods
Digital City: Chicago – What’s Going On – Buddhist Temples
Chinese mythology
Chinese Philosophy & Religion: Immortals
China the Beautiful – Chinese Art and Literature
Taoism Information Page
China’s Deities
Chinese Gods and Goddesses
Daoism Depot: Daoist Cosmology
Daoism [Taoism] Depot
Welcome To: The Spiritual Union Of The Tao
The Taoist Calendar
The Gauntlet Feminism Supplement
Beijing XingHui Trans. Center 北京星辉翻译中心
Daily Life in Ancient China
Chinese Zen-Taoist Immortal Women Poets
Can you be held responsible for anything?

Chinese Language & Learning Resources

Why Words And Ci 詞(辭) Are Not The Same (Phonographs vs. Logographs)

Guo Yu Ci Dian 國語辭典
Chinese Dictionary (by category) 教育部國語辭典簡編本
國語辭典 Zhongwen Cidian Chinese Character Dictionary
Chinese-English Online Dictionary
CJKV-English Dictionary
OK88 English-Chinese Dictionary
Chinese Character Dictionary

ZhongWen ChengYu 中山國中英語教學資源網
Chinese Proverbs

Unihan Database Search Page
DLTool for Chinese-English Dictionary
Chinese Unicode Fonts
Special Chinese Fonts (Seal Script, others)
Dr. Eye

Ancient Chinese
Any Chinese Character
Chinese Characters and Culture
Chinese Dialects
Chinese Language Links
Alphabetical Index of Chinese Surnames
Chinese Surnames (1 – 25)
Chinese Surnames
US Maps in Chinese
Ed Jaggard’s Chinese Word-A-Day
travlang’s Word of the Day

University of Chicago Dept. of East Asian Languages and Civilizations
Society for the Study of Early China
Wolfgang Behr’s Homepage
EarlyChina Links
UColumbia EarlyChina Seminars
Ostasieninstitut – Sinologie, LMU München
Seminar für Sinologie, HU Berlin
Youqin Wang – Cultural Revolution Chronology of Events
Li Guowen – Chinese Culture
Chinese Links – Sun Dexian
Harvard Teaching Resources
Chinese Bookstores in the U.S.
Chinaknowledge – a universal guide for China studies
Yahoo! 新聞


East Asia

Digital resources in East Asian Studies, compiled by Paula Curtis from University of Michigan.

You can filter the table to only see digital resources for Japan, or China, or Korea, and by other variables such as period and type of project.

Aftermath of the East Asian War of 1592-1598


ADHO-Digital Humanities Japan, University of Tokyo:

Bodies and Structures (by David Ambaras and Kate McDonald):

Digital Humanities Center for Japanese Arts and Cultures:

Japanese Association for Digital Humanities:

Japan and Japanese Diaspora Collections, Hoover Institution:


The Autographic Atlas of Korea:

Center for Digital Humanities, Research Institute of Korean Studies, Korea University:

KAIST, Digital Heritage Lab:


Persian manuscripts at the British Library

Persian manuscripts in the Library of Congress

South Asia

Singapore Tamil Literature Digital Collection

Southeast Asia

Singapore Chronicle Project:


Research Center for Digital Humanities (National Taiwanese University):

Taiwanese Association for Digital Humanities: