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By: Muziah Kargbo

Club Board:

President: Sanam Kavari           Vice-Presidents: Rose Jackson + Ava Erfani                        Secretary: Shiva Bakhtiyari
Treasurer: Darius Homesley    Marketing Committee: Shadi Bakhtiyari             Performance Chair: Parisa Shirzadi

Social Links: PCS Facebook | PCS Heel Life

Once again, I’m bringing to you another club I was able to interview over email this week: the UNC Persian Cultural Society. The president, Sanam Kavari, was gracious enough to take her time to answer my questions so thank you so much! These are her responses:

Q1: What is the purpose of this club?

This club was started to help expose the UNC community to Persian culture and serve as a place for UNC’s Persian community to get together to celebrate our culture. Our goals are to show the UNC community the joys of Persian culture and promote understanding and appreciation of Persian language, food, and celebrations.

Q2: What are the usual activities of this club and what special activities do you do during the year?

PCS’s main events are 1001 Nights in the fall and Persian New Year or Nowruz in the spring. 1001 Nights is a celebration of Middle Eastern culture centered around the ancient collection of stories by the same name. For this event we collaborate with other Middle Eastern student groups on campus and in the community to make it a cross-cultural event. Nowruz is the Persian New Year, which happens on the spring equinox. It is one of the most significant Persian holidays and is a great event for the Persian community and others to come together and look forward to what is to come in the new year. We also have some smaller events through out the year targeted more directly toward club members, like potlucks or dinners out.

Q3: What do you think is the selling point of your club? 

We are a groups of students who likes to share our culture with others, and we are always looking for new people to do this with!

Q4: What do you hope for the future of this club?

We are looking forward to engaging more with other parts of the UNC community and Chapel Hill more broadly and hoping to keep having the events that we have enjoyed in the past.

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