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    Minoring in Hindi-Urdu

    The undergraduate minor in Hindi-Urdu consists of four courses.

    Three courses are language courses beyond HNUR 203 (the first semester of Intermediate Hindi-Urdu), chosen from among the following: HNUR 204: Intermediate Hindi-Urdu II
    HNUR 305: Advanced Hindi-Urdu I
    HNUR 306: Advanced Hindi-Urdu II
    HNUR 407: Readings in Hindi-Urdu Poetry
    HNUR 408: Readings in Hindi-Urdu Prose
    HNUR 410: Seminar on the Urdu-Hindi Ghazal
    HNUR 490: Topics in Hindi-Urdu Literature and Language

    The other course must be chosen from among the following:
    ART/ASIA 153: Introduction to South Asian Art
    ART/ASIA 266: Art of Early and Medieval India
    ART/ASIA 273: Arts under the Mughal Dynasty in India
    ART/ASIA 456: Art and Ritual in South Asia
    ASIA 59: First-Year Seminar: Media Masala: Popular Music, TV, and the Internet in Modern India and Pakistan
    ASIA 61: First-Year Seminar: India through the Lens of Master Filmmakers
    ASIA 152: Survey of South Asian Cultural History 
    ASIA 163: Hindi-Urdu Poetry in Performance
    ASIA 164: Music of South Asia
    ASIA 224: Introduction to Iranian Cinema
    ASIA 228: Contested Souls: Literature, the Arts, and Religious Identity in Modern India
    ASIA 231: Bollywood Cinema
    ASIA 232: Cities and Villages of South Asia: A Historical and Cultural Tour
    ASIA 261: India Through Western Eyes
    ASIA 262: Nation, Film, and Novel in Modern India
    ASIA 331: Cracking India: Partition and Its Legacy in South Asia
    ASIA 332: The Story of Rama in India
    ASIA 333: The Mahabharata: Remembered and Reimagined
    ASIA/RELI 382: The Story of Rama in India--Experiential
    ASIA/RELI 383: The Mahabharata: Remembered and Reimagined--Experiential
    ASIA 453: Global Shangri-La: Tibet in the Modern World
    HIST/ASIA 135 : South Asian History to 1750
    HIST/ASIA 136: South Asian History since 1750
    HNUR/RELI 592: Religious Conflict and Narrative in India
    RELI 283/ASIA 300: The Buddhist Tradition: India, Nepal, and Tibet
    RELI/ASIA 285: The Buddhist Tradition: Southeast Asia and Sri Lanka
    RELI 381: Religions of South Asia
    RELI/ASIA 581: Sufism
    RELI/ASIA 582: Islam and Islamic Art in South Asia
    RELI/ASIA 583: Religion and Culture in Iran, 1500-Present

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