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    Dr. Zeina G. Halabi

    Halabi photo


     Assistant Professor of Arabic Literature and Culture
     (919) 962-3587
     New West 123




    Coordinator and Study Abroad advisor, Arabic program
    Adjunct Assistant Professor of French



    I received my Ph.D. in Arabic from the University of Texas at Austin. I am a specialist of Modern Arabic literature and culture whose research and teaching interests also include music, film, francophone Lebanese literature, urban studies, and pop culture. In my current book project, Writing Melancholy: The Death of the Author in Modern Arabic Literature, I engage the elegiac writings of modern and contemporary Arab novelists and poets and explore the ways in which Arab writers who identify with different literary and historical generations have mourned and commemorated the deaths of their peers. An article on the poetics of mourning the postwar Lebanese intellectual has appeared in the Journal of Arabic Literature. Other articles in progress address topics including the contemporary representation of the nineteenth-century Arab intellectual, Egyptian pop culture, and the revisiting of notions of displacement and exile in literature and film.


    ARAB 407: Readings in Arabic I
    ARAB 408: Readings in Arabic II
    ARAB 443: Dissident Voices in Arab Cultures
    ARAB 468: Modernity and Its Discontents in Arabic Literature and Culture
    ASIA 66: First-Year Seminar: The 2011 Revolution through Egyptian Eyes

    Curriculum vitae


    “Selections from Nazira Zeineddine’s al-Sufūr wa-l-ḥijāb” translated with Miriam Cooke in The Arab Renaissance: Thought, Literature, Culture. Anthology of Nahda Writings, Modern Language Association (MLA) Book Series, Texts and Translations Ed. Tarek El-Ariss (Jan. 2013)

    “The Unbearable Heaviness of Being: The Suicide of the Intellectual in Rabih Jaber’s Ralph Rizkallah Through the Looking Glass.” Journal of Arabic Literature 44 (2013) 53-82.

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