Associate Professor
New West 121

Chair, Department of Asian Studies
Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of English and Comparative Literature
Associate Editor for Film and Theater, Review of Middle East Studies
Journal of Middle East Women’s Studies
Editorial Collective Member
Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication Advisory Board Member


My research has treated Arab cultural texts ranging from medieval literature and contemporary oral poetry to modern prose fiction and visual culture. Most recently I have focused on Palestinian literature and visual culture. My current work has focused on two distinct areas: 1. Palestinian cinema and 2. women and transgression in the Arab World. I am currently completing a study of Palestinian cinema of the 1970s titled Palestinian Cinema in the Days of Revolution. I am also coediting the volume Bad Girls of the Arab World with Dr. Rula Quawas from the University of Jordan.


Institute for the Arts and Humanities Faculty Fellow (2004, 2016)
Institute for the Arts and Humanities Academic Leadership Fellow (2013)
Carolina Women’s Center Faculty Scholar (2013)
American Council of Learned Societies/National Endowment for the Arts/Social Science Research Council Fellow (2009-10)
UNC James Moeser Award for Distinguished Research (2008)
Social Science Research Council Fellow (1995)
Center for Arabic Studies Abroad Fellow (1991-92)
Fulbright Fellow, 1986-87 (Syria), 1991-92 (Egypt)


ASIA 64: First-Year Seminar: Arab World Photography
ASIA 691H: Senior Honors Thesis I
ARAB 151: Arabic Literature through the Ages
ARAB 337: Borders and Walls in the Arab World
ARAB 338: Borders and Walls in the Arab World–Experiential
ARAB 350: Women and Leadership in the Arab World
ARAB 434: Modern Arabic Literature in Translation
ARAB 452: Imagining Palestine
ARAB 453: Film, Nation, and Identity in the Arab World

Recent Publications


Pens, Swords, and the Springs of Art: The Oral Poetry Dueling of Palestinian Weddings in the Galilee, Brill Academic Publishers, 2006.

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