Associate Professor
New West 214
Curriculum Vitae

Advisor & coordinator, Korean program
Affiliate faculty, Global Studies
Associated faculty, Carolina Asia Center


My research and teaching interests include the Korean diaspora, ethnic return migration, and Asian American Studies. In particular, I am interested in the issues of identity, education, language, citizenship, and belonging. My current study, Paths to Home: Korean Diasporans and Their Return, explore divergent diasporic paths and “returning” experiences of Korean ethnic return migrants from various diasporic communities around the world such as Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, China, Russia, Japan, Australia, and the United States to South Korea. I have a concurrent project that examines ongoing debates on multiculturalism and its ramifications on migrant education and South Korea’s educational policies and systems.


KOR 150: History, Memory, and Reality in Contemporary Korea
KOR 151: Education and Social Changes in Contemporary Korea
KOR 305: Advanced Korean I (taught in Korean)
KOR 306: Advanced Korean II (taught in Korean)
KOR 327: Korean Diasporas

Publications (2005-present)

Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

Hatt-Echeverria, B., & Jo, J. O. (2005). Understanding the “new” racism through an urban charter school. Educational Foundations, 6 (1-2), 51-66. 

Book Chapters

Urrieta, L. Jr., Kolano, L. Q., Jo, J.O. (forthcoming, 2011). What we can learn about, and from the testimonio of a “successful” undocumented Latino student in North Carolina, In Edmund T. Hamann, Stanton Wortham, & Enrique G. Murillo, Jr. (Eds.), Revisiting Education in the New Latino Diaspora, Information Age Publishing.

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Editor-Reviewed Article

Jo, J. O. (2006). “Cross-cultural education” In English, F. (Ed.). Encyclopedia of Educational Leadership and Administration. Thousand Oaks, CA: SAGE Publications.