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    Korean language courses

    KOR 101 Elementary Korean I (4). Introduction to the basics of modern Korean, including the pronunciation of spoken Korean, the writing system of Hangul, communication and reading skills in controlled contexts, and fundamentals of grammar. Fall.

    KOR 102 Elementary Korean II (4). Prerequisite, KOR 101. Develops speaking and listening skills for everyday communication, reading skills for simple narratives and descriptive texts, and understanding for core grammatical patterns.  Spring.

    KOR 203 Intermediate Korean I (4). Prerequisite, KOR 102. Continues developing reading and writing skills for narrative and descriptive texts and increasing communicative competence in applied social contexts. Fall.

    KOR 204 Intermediate Korean II (4). Prerequisite, KOR 204. Develops and applies comprehensive grammatical knowledge and vocabularies in complex listening, speaking, reading, and writing contexts. Emphasis on Korean cultural and historical understanding. Spring.

    KOR 305 Advanced Korean I (3). Prerequisite, KOR 204. Advanced study of written and spoken Korean language and Korean culture. Three hours per week. Fall.

    KOR 306 Advanced Korean II (3). Prerequisite, KOR 305. Advanced study of written and spoken Korean language and Korean culture. Three hours per week. Spring.

    KOR 407 Modern Korean Literature and Culture (3). Prerequisite, KOR 306. Modern Korean literature by major authors, from around 1940 to the present. Emphasis on reading, translation, and criticism. Students will improve their written and oral communication skills in Korean through the study of literary works in their social, cultural, and historical context. 

    KOR 496 Independent Readings in Korean (1–3). Permission of the department. For the student who wishes to create and pursue an independent project in Korean under the supervision of a selected instructor. Maximum three credit hours per semester.





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